Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my CNFT for sale?

Click the chat button and a customer service rep will assist you or email us at

What's the fee structure?

The price on the website is the price the buyer pays, there will be 2% deducted from the seller side for each transaction.


What wallet can use?

You must have a shelley era wallet. A quick check if you have a Shelley era address? It must start with: addr1

1) Yoroi - offers a Shelley Era Wallet we are working on logistics to ensure there is not an issue using this option when the sale takes place.

2) Daedalus, (From 4.0.3 version) has support now for multi-assets.


Do not send ADA from an exchange (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Etc.) We won't be able to send you your CNFT, and you'll lose your ADA.

What's an NFT or CNFT?

A Cardano Non-Fungible Token (CNFT) means the item is unique, created by using a signature and time-locked minting policy, so once the time has come, no more tokens can be minted using that policy.

But I want to see the image of my CNFT?

Great question, you can grab your asset information in your wallet (starts with 'addr') and paste it at the end of

What's your refund policy?

All sales are final, but we are always willing to work with buyers to ensure their satisfaction and help with the buy / sell process.

When did Series 1 start minting?



When did Series 2 start minting?



When did Series 3 start minting?


Is there a third party site where I can view sales data and trends on Cardano Kings?


OpenCNFT has this information